Curriculum Vitae

Oguz Büyükberber

Clarinet - Bass Clarinet

Born: 1970 Kayseri

After the childhood years of seriously beeing involved with painting and poetry, while studying interior design, Büyükberber started practicing the clarinet by himself.

The excitement of the ability to express the moment has driven him to choose his profession; playing with the music.

In a very short period, when he graduated from the fine arts academy in Istanbul as a designer, he was making his living out of his bass clarinet.

Without forgetting his own tradition, he tried to compose himself an open musical life, with a ranbge from still life to abstract

Released appearances:
  Lodos "Lodos", 1997

  Acoustic Jazz Quartet with
  Sarp Maden: Guitar
  Mahmut Yalay: Double Bass
  Ates Tezer: Drums

  Bosphorus +
  The Light Of Anatolia +
  "Balkan Dreams"

  A large repertoire of both classical and traditional folk pieces
  of all different parts of Turkey and Greece
    Nikiforos Metaxas: Director

  The Last Boat From Halki
  Again with the direction of Mr.Metaxas, all lyrics original
  pieces with lyrics in greece.

  Önder Focan Group "Sekiz"
  A jazz combo with turkish and russian musicians, playing
  the pieces of Önder Focan.

Stand: 10.09.1997

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