Infrastructure is the medium

Statement by Bruce Odland

The infrastructure is the medium and we are its message. All other sounds we use as communication or entertainment exist against the unacknowledged backdrop of our inheritated industrial soundscape. The sound of the infrastructure shapes our thoughts about sound because it is the landscape in which all other sounds exist. Even if we can afford to isolate ourselves in an anechoic chamber we have merely created at great expense a hole in a vast sonic terrain of fossiled fueled transport, industrial production, and cultural noise. The world is flanged, its airspace ruled by the waveform of motors. Everything we make is heard against this cantus firmus of gigantic proportions.

When The Masterbuilder Robert Moses created the highway system of New York, he also created its sound design. This radio broadcast is an homage to the ghost of Robert Moses.

Bruce Odland is a Composer & Sounddesigner from New York
He is collaborating with Sam Auinger since 1989.
Robert Moses Picture
Ein paar Bilder aus NYC.
Stand: 11.09.1997

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